Spelling: Get it Right!

Let’s face it… every now and then you have to think about the correct form of “your” and “you’re,” or any of the other typically misspelled, or misused, words out there. What’s an easy way to remember commonly misspelled/misused words? Why none other than these spelling lessons by The Oatmeal! Enjoy. 🙂

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What are some ways you remember all of these spelling rules? 

See my post about National Grammar Day 2011 here.


Idol’s Lessons on Social Media

Jason Scott is an Entertainment Business Student. He is an Editorial Assistant @SocialFresh, along as an intern at @DreamRow and Twitter Guru for @DigitalNashvlle. His loves are music, social media, Glee, Idol, and Carrie Underwood. Follow the link below to read his guest post. You can tweet with Jason @jlscott13!

Pop culture is all around us. Just like Charlie Sheen’s #tigerblood, entertainment informs the trends and habits that happen on all social media sites. This might be a little obvious to most of you, but what does culture teach us about what we should be doing on those sites? What can a show like American Idol possibly teach us about our online presence?

[View the story “Idol’s Lessons on Social Media” on Storify]

Keep the “Personal” at Home

Let’s face it, we all build friendships through the networking that we do. Through conferences and networking I have personally formed some amazing friendships. However, something we need to remember as students is keeping personal things personal and professional things professional.

Please stick with me through the story I am about to tell. I promise I have a point.

That's me on the podium!

An example that I have of this comes from when I was a junior in high school (which seems like forever ago!). Let me start by saying that I was a huge band nerd and marching band was my main priority, after wind ensemble of course. My freshman year in high school was the first year I was in marching band, and because of the student leaders I had my passion grew tremendously for this activity. While I have been playing music since I was three, marching band in high school made my passion for music even stronger. Of course I wanted to be the drum major, mainly because the drum major my freshman year was amazing and shared the same passion that I did for music. I wanted to be just like her.

Well, my junior year  I received the honor of being the head drum major of my high school marching band. All of the hard work had finally paid off and I was ecstatic for the next season to start. Over the summer between my sophomore and junior year I, along with the assistant drum major, attended a camp focused on leadership within the marching band. We also met with our band director several times to get everything in place for the 2006 season. During one of the meetings my band director told us we needed to remember that if anything personal happened between us and a friend we had to keep it off of the field. When we set foot on the marching field it was time to work. You are not supposed to favor a friend and definitely not supposed to bring your personal problems onto the field. You are on the field to make music and represent it through marching.

I do not know how much you guys know about marching band, and I do not want this post to last forever, but being in this leadership position in high school taught me many things for my future. While yes, we are all human and there may be times where we forget to keep personal things at home, we must remember that when we are at work it is time to work. While it is great to build friendships with the people you work with, you also need to find a balance between your working relationship and friendship. If you have a conflict, do not let it show in your work. Sit down outside of work and discuss it. Yes, things will happen, but be prepared to work through them.

Running the student-run firm on campus has reminded me of my marching band days. I have built some great friendships through CatCom, but I have to remember that as a student-run firm, and as the leader of the firm, we have work to do, so it is important to have a boundary set of a working relationship and a friendship outside of work.

What are your thoughts on working relationships and co-worker friendships? Do you think it is okay to have that friendship? Why or why not?

Community, Where the Heart Is.

The prompt for #reverb10 today is community. Personally I feel like this is a great prompt because I have discovered more than one community this year.

The first community I have obviously discovered this year is the #PRStudChat community. While this is an online community, mainly on Twitter and LinkedIn, this community has helped me out tremendously. I have grown and gained so much knowledge as a public relations student from just participating in the monthly chat. I discovered #prstudchat back in March or April and I have loved every second of it. I may miss days of tweeting, but I do check up on this hashtag quite often. The reason I love this community is because students ask questions and it allows us to engage with other students and professionals. The community would not be possible without Deirdre Breakenridge (@dbreakenridge) and Valerie Simon (@ValerieSimon). They have allowed me to moderate one of the monthly chats and co-host the #PRStudCast with Harrison Kratz (@KratzPR). If it was not for #PRStudChat I would not know these three amazing individuals! Thank you guys for all of the many opportunities you have given me this year. I cannot wait to see what 2011 brings for the community.

Another community I have really discovered and utilized this year is PRSSA. I have known about PRSSA since the first day I changed my major and attended my first public relations class. I did not realize until this semester how valuable PRSSA really is to my life and growth as a public relations young professional. After attending National Conference, I have realized what my passion truly is: public relations. PRSSA has connected me with so many great people and I want to give a few of my fellow PRSSA friends a shout out: Beth Barnard (@elizabethgrace7), Joelle Eid (@JoelleTweeted), Mike Blight (@MichaelBlight), Simon Oh (@SimonOh) and obviously Harrison. The list goes on, but these individuals have helped me out a lot in the public relations field, and have been amazing friends. The knowledge I gain from PRSSA is endless and has helped me out a lot in this industry. Obviously I will be joining PRSA when I graduate, but as a student I do not know where I would be today if I had not decided to join PRSSA. I encourage all of my fellow public relations classmates to join! It is very helpful and you will love every minute of it.

While there are more communities I have discovered this year, these are my top two favorites. I have learned and grown from #PRStudChat and PRSSA in so many ways and I am excited to see what 2011 has to offer!

‘Tis the Job and Internship Season

The Resume: Something every person will have to create at some point in their life. With the end of the fall semester coming up, many students are getting ready to start applying for spring and summer internships, as well as jobs. This is definitely the time of year to dust off the cobwebs from your resume and make it job and internship worthy.

So how does someone create a perfect resume? I personally do not believe in a “perfect” resume, but what makes a resume great and relevant? Everyone has their own personal opinion on this topic, but here are my tips to making your resume shine.

Length of Resume

How long should your resume be? This is something every person more than likely struggles with. I personally keep my resume to one page. After attending several conferences and speaking with professionals, a resume that is multiple pages may be thrown out or overlooked. Usually you have 10 seconds or so to engage an employer with your resume, so obviously if this is the case they may not take the time to look at a resume that is more than one page in length. Another reason a one page resume works well is because you should always cater your resume to fit the job or internship you are applying for. There is no need to fit every experience you have into your resume, especially if the experience is not relevant to the job or internship you are applying for. For instance, if you are applying for an internship that is mainly event planning you would more than likely not include a fast food part-time job you had in high school, unless of course it somehow ties into that event planning internship.

Content and Layout

What should you include in your resume? I have heard, and seen, several different things when it comes to the content and layout of your resume. The things that I always include on mine are the following: name, permanent address, e-mail address, phone number, Twitter handle, link to LinkedIn, objective, education, experience, qualifications and activities/awards. I could make this post really long discussing all of these things, but I will not do that. Instead I am going to discuss the most important things that need to be on your resume: Objective, Education and Experience.

Objective: This needs to be included on your resume, because it is telling the employer why you are a great candidate for the particular position you are applying for. Obviously the objective will change with each different job or internship you apply for, because just like with anything on your resume you need to cater it to fit the description of the job or internship you are applying for.

Education: When it comes to education my tip would be to include the college(s) that you attended, along with the degree(s) you received. On my resume I have the name of my university, my expected graduation date, what my degree will be, my concentration and my minor. Something questionable to include on your resume is your GPA. I do not personally feel like you need to include your GPA on your resume, unless of course you are applying for an internship that requires it. However, I have never heard of an employer that requires your GPA for a job. If you have a high GPA and you want to show it off by all means include it on your resume, you did work really hard for it after all. In my opinion though the employer wants to know you can put what you learned in the classroom to use in the real world, therefore experience you have is more important than your GPA, so it is not needed. This is just my personal opinion though.

Experience: Just like I have already mentioned, when you are applying for a particular job or internship cater the experience you include on your resume to fit that description. While we are in college we gain all of this real world experience doing numerous different things for our major. However, you do not need to include all of these things on your resume. Only include things that will show the employer you are sending your resume to that you have the experience to do that specific job. If I included all of the experience I have on my resume it would be way more than one or two pages. Your goal is to catch the employers attention with your resume, not make them shrug it off because it is to long. I cannot say this enough: cater every part of your resume!

Make it Stand Out!

The last thing I will leave you with is make your resume stand out! Okay, maybe the picture of the resume above is a bit much, but you get what I am saying. Employers are used to seeing resume after resume that all look exactly the same. Change it up a little! Do something creative that brands your name and makes the employer actually read your resume. That is your objective after all, is it not?

What are your opinions: Should your GPA be on your resume? What else should you include? How long should your resume be?


PRSSA National Conference 2010 Schedule

Here it is… finally! I have had my sessions picked out for a while, but could not find time to add it to my blog. So… here it is! 🙂

Friday, October 15
♥Special Session- Why Social Media Is Not a Career — but Strategy Is (Definitely will not be missing this one!)
♥Chapter Development Session 1- Going Global: From Campus Clients to International Success and Six Degrees of SePRation: Linking you to your Future
♥Chapter Development Session 2- Bonding With the Pros: Building a Relationship With PRSA and Creating Your Campaign: Building a Personal Brand

Saturday, October 16
♥Professional Development Session 1- Creating a Career in Entertainment and Sports
♥Professional Development Session 2- The CW Session
♥Office Roundtable Discussions- Publications & Student-run Firms

Sunday, October 17
♥Special Session- Student-run Firm Workshop
♥Pre-registered Session- Third Annual Grunig Lecture — Public Relations Excellence 2010 (So sad I could not register for speed networking!)
♥Professional Development Session 3- Using Social Media to Promote Clients
♥Professional Development Session 4- Everything Internships or To Be Bold and Beautiful. Leaning more towards the fashion PR session, but it would be amazing to meet Lauren Berger!!!

Monday, October 18
♥Professional Development Session 5- Targeting Your Audience

I am beyond excited to get to DC and attend these sessions! There is so much to learn from the professionals that will be there and I plan to NETWORK like crazy! As far as being in DC goes I definitely plan to tour the city and finally meet/hang out with all of my Twitter friends. This is going to be one amazing conference.

Are we attending any sessions together? Let me know!

You can check out the full schedule here.