Spelling: Get it Right!

Let’s face it… every now and then you have to think about the correct form of “your” and “you’re,” or any of the other typically misspelled, or misused, words out there. What’s an easy way to remember commonly misspelled/misused words? Why none other than these spelling lessons by The Oatmeal! Enjoy. 🙂 Click here for the … More Spelling: Get it Right!

The Verdict is Out

Yes, you heard correctly. The verdict is out. On what you ask? Formulists. What about Formulists? My decision on whether or not I actually want to try this service or not. After creating a poll a little over a week ago, here are the results: Yes: 0% No: 16.67% Not really: 0% You should definitely try it!: … More The Verdict is Out