Friday Faves: Instagram

There are numerous photo editing apps out there for the iPhone, but my favorite, by far, is Instagram. Why, you ask? Instagram has so many great features and has the ability to make your personal photos look like they were taken by a professional photographer. Maybe they were, as I am sure there are professional photographers on Instagram, but if you are like me you really like to take pictures and share them with your family, friends and social media peeps.

There are so many great features with this app. I love that you can add hashtags similar to those on Twitter, but these only show results of pictures other users on Instagram have posted with the same tag, along with the fact that you can keep up with the crazy lives your family and friends live. Instagram is one of the must-have apps for iPhone, or at least I feel like it is. In fact, the first app I downloaded when I got my iPhone was Instagram! Would it be bad to say a huge reason I wanted my iPhone was actually for this app!?

The camera on the iPhone is already amazing (I have a very nice/expensive Canon digital camera and my iPhone takes better pictures than it sometimes), but Instagram allows you to edit and share your pictures within the app. When you take a picture and edit it you also have the option to upload to Facebook, or share on Twitter or Tumblr. Not only can you edit and share photos, but you can also tag the location with a feature provided by Foursquare.

A reason I love the sharing features that Instagram offers is because it allows me to upload the pictures I take to Facebook so my family can see what I’ve been up to. I don’t get to travel home very often, so it allows my family to see what I’ve been up to lately because I upload my Instagram photos faster than when I take pictures with my digital camera. It also saves every picture to my phone so I can send pictures from Instagram via text message. After all, sharing is caring!

Here are a few photos I have taken with Instagram:

*Taken at Western Carolina University*
*Taken at Cullowhee Falls*
*Taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway*
*Taken in Sylva, NC*
George, my Betta. (I had to add this one a little late, but I love it too much not to put it on here!)

What are your thoughts on Instagram? I would love to know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Instagram

  1. I’ve enjoyed photography for a few years now, ever since taking a couple courses in college, so I was hooked when I first downloaded the Instagram app a while ago. It’s by far the best photo app that I’ve seen. No matter how many cool filters it has though, it’s always important to have that “eye” for photography and take good shots. PS. You take some great photos!

  2. Thanks Sean! I’m jealous that you’ve taken courses on photography… I would love to while I’m still in school!!! The only crappy part is you have to buy your own professional camera, which being a broke college kid makes that difficult, haha. I agree though. I have quite a few besides Instagram… PopBooth, Photosynth, Halftone, Vintage Cam, Pic Stitch, and ColorSplash to name a few… and Instagram is definitely my favorite, and the best, out of all of the ones I have. I 100% agree on the “eye: for photography though! Some people really have it! By the way, YOU take some fantastic photos!!! 🙂

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