Twitterquette 101: Lesson Five

Not everyone will use Twitter the same as those of us who are in the PR field. For instance, someone in the food industry will not use Twitter the same way as someone that is in PR. Some people may not even have a reason to use Twitter at all, besides to inform the world of how awesome they are, or follow their favorite celebrities (example: high school students).

 I recently got back into marching band here at Western Carolina University this past fall semester. The Pride of the Mountains Marching Band has a Twitter account that they use to update the band members of what is going on. They require every member (there are over 300 members) of the band to sign up for Twitter and subscribe to the Pride of the Mountains Twitter account to receive updates via text message. One example of how the band uses Twitter that works is if there is a change in rehearsal plans they send out a tweet to let everyone know the changes made. This is a great system, because everyone is always in the know. It is also a fast and simple way to keep all 300+ members informed 24/7, because let’s face it… not everyone constantly checks their email or a website for important information.

So we as PR students and professionals, have to keep in mind that everyone will have a different reason for tweeting. We cannot expect everyone to utilize Twitter the same way that we do. Obviously the marching band at my university does not use Twitter to join in on Twitter chats and network with PR students and professionals. However, what they do that is similar to PR individuals is share information and keep their public informed. So before you jump to conclusions about someone, or an organization, using Twitter the “wrong” way, consider what their objective is.

What are some ways you have seen individuals use Twitter outside of the PR industry? What are your thoughts on how they utilize this social network? 

2 thoughts on “Twitterquette 101: Lesson Five

  1. Honestly, I started using twitter when the marching band made me. I was extremely reluctant because I just didn’t want to have another social media site to manage. However, this tactic that they used was extremely useful because email updates just weren’t fast enough and they were sick of their office being flooded with phone calls even if it looked like it was going to rain before practice.

    As guard coordinator I set up a separate twitter account to contact all the guard members since we run on a slightly different schedule. I’d say things ran so much smoother this way because every one was updated at once when ever we had a slight change from the band. Also, I made sure every tweet was texted to their phone after they checked in to band camp so they had no excuse to be late or miss any rehearsal.

    If you are going to manage at least 30 people, setting up a special update twitter is definitely the way to go!

  2. Thank you Paige! I completely agree with you. I had never thought of doing this before, but it is very useful. Yeah, there will be a few tweets that do not pertain to everyone, but everyone is still “in the know” of the whole band. That was also very smart of you to set up a separate account fot the guard. You guys really do have a slightly different schedule than everyone else!

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