Spelling: Get it Right!

Let’s face it… every now and then you have to think about the correct form of “your” and “you’re,” or any of the other typically misspelled, or misused, words out there. What’s an easy way to remember commonly misspelled/misused words? Why none other than these spelling lessons by The Oatmeal! Enjoy. 🙂

Click here for the original image on The Oatmeal.

What are some ways you remember all of these spelling rules? 

See my post about National Grammar Day 2011 here.

4 thoughts on “Spelling: Get it Right!

  1. I am a repeat offender when it comes to spelling. I’m glad you posted a system for remembering. I just love the little pictures! “Pretend the extra O is a hemorrhoid on the word” LOL.

  2. Candice, I know, right! Especially since it is so simple to look something up online you aren’t sure about, or notice that you spelled something wrong with the red line underneath the word. Good grief.

  3. Andrea, I know what you mean. Usually if I misspell the same word I try to spell it correctly without looking it up so I can remember how it is spelled. I agree about the pictures! It’s definitely a great way to remember things. 🙂

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