Twitterquette 101: Lesson Four

Be careful what you tweet. No, seriously… be careful what you tweet. 

People use Twitter for many different reasons. For instance, I use Twitter to network, share interesting articles I find, engage with people and ask questions. Someone that is not into public relations will use Twitter for reasons different than I do. One thing all of us tweeters have in common is we like to share information, regardless of what kind of information it may be. While I share mostly PR related things, someone else may only share fashion related things.

The reason that I say ‘be careful what you tweet’ is simple: you never know who may be watching your tweets. You may think the tweet you just sent that is pointing fingers at a specific person without having their name in it may not reach that person, or you think they will not know it is about them if they read it. Well sorry to be the barrier of bad news, but more than likely the person you are aiming this “unidentified” tweet to will more than likely know it is directed at them. In a professional setting this is unacceptable. Maybe you do not get along with everyone in your office, or even people that are in the same classes with you in a university setting. This happens. However, you have to be respectful and professional about it. There is no need to send messages through a major social media site about a person thinking they will never know it is about them. Plus, you never know if that tweet will get you in trouble (see related article at the end of this post). Like I said, they will more than likely know it is directed at them, and let’s face it, that is kind of the immature route to take. So simply think before you tweet and you will be golden!

What is your advice to people who may want to “vent” on Twitter? Should they say what is really on their mind, or find another way to vent? Is sending a tweet without a name in it, but is clearly directed to a specific person ever okay? 

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Be Careful What You Tweet

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