Check-In Fever

Location-based apps are pretty new to the social media scene and they are becoming popular, fast. Personally, I love location-based apps and see great potential with them in the future. Below are my top three favorite location-based apps.

My absolute favorite location-based app is Foursquare! It is the first location-based app I ever used, and the first one I tell people about. There are so many great features that come with Foursquare and the mobile app seems to always stay updated. I honestly feel like Foursquare offers business owners a chance to see what is being said about their business by their customers. What other customers have to say about a business on Foursquare may influence other Foursquare users to visit that particular business. This is why I love the tips feature. I try to always leave tips at restaurants because they are really helpful to me. I have even ordered food based off of tips I have read by other Foursquare users! Not to mention, when I go to theme parks reading tips at rides makes the wait time for the ride (like the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride at Universal) a lot more fun.

While I am still relatively new to Gowalla, I still think it is awesome. It has a great social aspect to it and I love that you receive things when you check-in somewhere. For instance, when I checked in at the Orlando Airport I picked up a bag of airplane peanuts. What is the importance of these items? I am still unsure, but I hope to find out one day. If you do know, please enlighten me! Another thing I love is when you fly out of an airport and into another it shows how far you traveled and that you arrived, just make sure you check-in! Here’s what it looks like:

I do not know about you, but I love that is shows how far you traveled! Another thing I really like about Gowalla is the trips feature. While I have yet to participate in a trip, I definitely plan to in the future.

Last, but not least, is SCVNGR. Just like Gowalla, SCVNGR is somewhat new to me even though I have had an account for a while. Here is what SCVNGR is according to the website, “SCVNGR is a game. Playing is simple: Go places. Do challenges. Earn points and unlock rewards! (Think free coffee!) Individuals and enterprises build on SCVNGR by adding challenges and rewards to their favorite places.” All of this sounds awesome to me, but I feel like you really need to be in a location where businesses really grasp on to social media. Asheville, for instance, is a great location for this app and I will definitely be using it next time I visit.

What are your favorite location-based apps? Why?