The Search is On: Tips for Internship Hunting Success

Summer internship hunting is here for many college students, myself included. Here are three tips that help me stay focused and get applications in on time.

  1. Excel Spreadsheets. I seriously live by Excel spreadsheets. So when I started looking for internships it was no different. While looking for internships I keep an Excel spreadsheet open so I can get all of the information I need to know about the internship. Things I include are the title of the internship, location, dates for the internship, where to send my resume and cover letter, and a link to the website for the internship. I also include the date I applied for the internship. Trust me, keeping track of internship leads this way definitely helps!
  2. Resume and Cover Letter. Keep your resume updated! This will make it easier when you start to apply for internships. My suggestion is to keep your resume to one page and do something creative to make it stand out. It is also important to tailor your resume to fit the internship you are applying for. An easy way to keep track of all of your experience is by creating a LinkedIn account. It also allows you to elaborate on the experience you have and you can include this link on your resume. You can read more about my resume suggestions here. As far as your cover letter goes, write a different one for every internship you apply for! You need to cater your cover letter to fit the internship you are applying for, just like you do for your resume.
  3. Network! Network, network, network. Attend conferences, like Real World PR, for an opportunity to network with professionals at a career expo. These connections can be valuable and also give you an opportunity to pass out your resume to potential employers. This also allows you to network with fellow students, who can help you out by looking over your resume to offer your advice before you apply for internships.

These are three things I stick to before, during and after my internship hunt. What are tips you have when it comes to internship hunting?

4 thoughts on “The Search is On: Tips for Internship Hunting Success

  1. I actually follow @internships on Twitter, and they always post leads and links to internships. I also have an account on and you can create a resume on there and upload your own. It’s been incredibly helpful for me.

  2. Great advice! Networking can continue on social media but should not neglect the power of face-to-face conversation.

    I use Excel Spreadsheets too! I think they help you better to stay fully focused on your search and pitch. I even created an internship search schedule (Gantt) to know exactly what shall I do everyday + a list with all PR companies in the city. For me internships search is always a true campaign. 😀 And I like that as it’s cool, helpful, more comfortable and is working!!! [Research is king.]

    I’ve included special sections like who’s on Twitter from that company, the link to Linkedin account, who is CEO, who is HR person. I want to connect with them and establish a relation.

    And don’t miss out: apply to those unadvertised internship opportunities too! If no opportunities, create them. Be positive. 🙂

  3. Thanks George! Face-to-face communication is by far the best, but social media has brought a whole new dynamic to the playing field. Love this: “If no opportunities, create them. Be positive.” It is so true! I have heard this at conferences and this is how I got my internship last summer. Look everywhere because you never know what is out there, even if it is not advertised!

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