Ever Wonder Why People Follow You?

Have you ever seriously wondered why people follow you? No, I do not mean follow you down the sidewalk, I mean follow you on Twitter. I have. Actually, I wonder this almost every day.

While some people may not think twice about the people that are following them on Twitter, I always wonder why someone I may have never tweeted with before is following me. Yes, everyone has their reason to follow someone, but when I follow someone it is usually because we connect. Below you will find the top reasons I follow someone.

Network. Twitter has definitely helped me out when it comes to networking. Being a large social media website, networking with students and professionals all over the world is possible. The best thing about networking through Twitter is finally meeting the people you tweet with in real life. The best way I have found to network on Twitter is by getting involved with different communities.

Community. Being involved in great communities like #PRStudChat and #PRSSA, along with many other ones, has given me the chance to network with fellow students and professionals. Through these communities I start to follow the people I have met, because I am learning from them. We also have something in common: the community we are involved in.

Engagement. Engage with me! When I follow someone I always try to engage with them as much as possible. If I am following you it is because I want to engage with you, and if you are following me I want you to engage with me! I do not bite, I promise! Plus, if you have not noticed by now I like to talk. 😉

Learn. Like I have already mentioned, I follow people because I know I can learn a lot from them. Through communities and engaging with individuals, my knowledge on various topics has grown tremendously. One topic, of course, is social media! Who would have guessed? I think everyone that engages in communities on Twitter have a lot to offer and overall it is an awesome learning opportunity for everyone.

While I follow almost 1,500 people, and this number grows everyday, I have connected with each person. This is why I am following them. Every Twitter handle that I follow, I follow with purpose.

What are your thoughts? Why do you follow someone? Do they provide information that is relevant to you? Are they interesting?

8 thoughts on “Ever Wonder Why People Follow You?

  1. I only follow those that generally tweet back or are conversational. I’ve always stayed clear of celebs, news outlets (RSS for those) and people who don’t add anything of value.

    It’s more of a case of taking a quick look at their profile and deciding whether it’d be worth following them back. I do wonder why people follow me when I’m not doing the same for me.

    Obviously, there’s always all the spam-bots/keyword bots and those that follow me, then a day later stop in the hope I’ve followed them back…

  2. When I first started my twitter it was just for fun, but now that I use it for PR and networking purposes, I wish I could go back to the drawing board when it comes to all of the people I’ve chosen to follow. At this point the majority of the people I follow are in the PR field, but when it comes to engaging the people I “tweet-with” the most are people I know in real life or have met through chats like #PRSSA and #PRStudChat. I will definitely be taking your advice!

  3. Marco, I am the same. If I tweet someone and never get a response I am always wondering why they are following me. I do follow a few musicians and celebs, but literally only a few. Same goes for news. I have created a list for the news outlets that I follow and have a column up on my TweetDeck so I can see what is going on throughout the day, along with breaking news.

    Oh spam… haha. If only it didn’t exist out there! I look at profiles as well. Every single time I get a new follower I read their bio to see what they do. If they have nothing and their tweets are basically “empty” I may tweet them, but I almost do not see what it is they can offer me.

  4. Thank you Erica! I am the same, when I first joined Twitter I was joining just to see what it was all about. I was not a PR major yet, so my account was not as professional, but when I changed to PR I cleaned up my Twitter and started making great connections. I tweet with people I know in real life all of the time. Sometimes my friends that are on Twitter tweet me because I did not respond to a text (I have a bad habit of keeping my phone on silent and laying it down beside of me!). Other than that I usually tweet with everyone, everyday. I love to talk in general, and the same goes for tweeting. I have a goal to tweet with at least two new people a day. So I will go on hashtags and respond to thoughts and questions. Glad that my post could help you out! 🙂

  5. Great blog post! Actually I do wonder why people follow me! But on the whole, I follow people for just about the same reasons you do. I follow some people because I know who they are in the world of Starbucks, even if they’re not really connecting with me. But the bottom line is that my main thoughts about following and followers are like yours: I want conversation and community.

  6. Thanks Melody! That was a point I did not make. There are some people that I follow and may tweet, but I never hear back from them. I still follow them with purpose though: to learn. I love that we both follow people for conversation! 🙂

  7. Hey Ashley,

    When I first joined Twitter, I used it out of curiosity. I even deactivated my account for a little while. I think it was because I knew I couldn’t make the commitment to maintaining it. Of course now, I like to think that I am sending my tweets with purpose. I started following people just locally in my area, then I expanded to organizations like Mashable to help me gain a better understanding of how to better manage my social media networks. Of course, conferences and professional luncheons are HUGE opportunities to make that initial personal connection and then following up through tweets help keep you updated. Most recently, and maybe it’s because I’m getting ready to graduate, I am following specific organizations that I am genuinely interested in. I want to know as much as I can about the company’s philanthropy and community work. I don’t think anything could have ever changed my career path the way it did in 2005. Not only did I have to inform my clients that most of them had no flood coverage after Hurricane Katrina, but that I could not even write a policy for those who refused to leave the state and tried their best to rebuild a ravaged community. At the end of the day, it’s so much more important to me to represent an organization that I can feel good about. To me, loving what you do encompasses loving the organization you represent. So now, I want to make sure that I do my homework on potential employers, they deserve to have someone who feels good about them and vice versa.

  8. Thank you for the great feedback Candace!

    That is exactly what I did when I first joined Twitter. I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. When I finally joined in on a Twitter chat and saw the professional side to Twitter I went back through all of my tweets and deleted the ones that were unprofessional to kind of start over without starting over. I do this as well: “…I am sending my tweets with purpose.” Even the ones that may be more personal! I think it is very important to have this mindset. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am right there with you, I want to know exactly what the organization is all about, so I spend time researching.

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