How do you Tweet?

Tweeting for me started on the web. From the web I discovered TweetDeck and fell in love with how it fulfilled my tweeting needs. I have tried CoTweet, Seesmic, Chromed Bird and Hootsuite, oh and of course Twitter for Mac when the Mac App Store opened. There may be other sources I have tried, but I honestly cannot remember any other ones. TweetDeck is, and has always been, my constant way to tweet while on my computer because of all of the amazing features it has.

When it comes to my Droid Incredible I have tried Twitter for Droid, Seesmic, and when TweetDeck became available for Beta I had to have it. While I love the desktop version of TweetDeck, I am not a super huge fan of the mobile version. I loved it at first, and lately it has not been staying very updated. Twitter for Droid works way more efficiently for me and is my favorite tweeting source while on my phone.

My favorite way to tweet is from my computer. I love that I have access to Twitter while on the go, but tweeting from the computer is still my favorite.

What is your favorite way to tweet? Would love to hear your feedback!

14 thoughts on “How do you Tweet?

  1. Here is where I stand… I have always been a huge fan of TweetDeck and still use it a lot. I also am an avid HootSuite fan! You are right about the mobile version of TweetDeck; it is a bit lacking on my Android, so I tend to only use it to help monitor a client’s profile from time to time. I currently prefer the mobile version of HootSuite over its TweetDeck counterpart. However, I have let both parties know that the one who can successfully add scheduling on their mobile app will get my attention and more business first.

    Sometimes, I wish that both would merge together or something. I do not like that I have to deal with the “Mind the Gap” situations on HootSuite, but sometimes the Real-Time TweetDeck can grow annoying (I better just turn the notification window and notification sounds off to remain sain – LoL)!

    So, in summary, I tend to ride the middle a bit on this one, and I love to switch it up (nothing like having a diversified posting approach / track record! For the record, I have tried out the Seesmic for Windows (Desktop) long ago (and still have it wasting space on my hard drive), but I do not believe I have really given Co-Tweet a good go… so, I will have to look into that soon!

  2. Thanks for your feedback Dwayne! I think it would be very interesting if Hootsuite and TweetDeck got together to create a new tweeting method. I have not tried Hootsuite mobile, but maybe I should? I agree, I mainly use TweetDeck on my phone to update other accounts, not mine. Twitter for Android does not have that feature (if it does then I have no idea how to do it!), so it comes in handy when I need to update the CatCom account or another account.

    That’s great that you switch it up! I usually always have the website open, but rarely tweet from it unless my TweetDeck is acting up. Co-Tweet is alright, but if you are happy with Hootsuite and TweetDeck I would not suggest it personally.

  3. I prefer TweetDeck when I’m at home and Twitter for Android app to keep me updated on mentions and DMs on the go. I used Seesmic for the longest time but TweetDeck just does everything so much better.

    I haven’t tried TweetDeck/Seesmic mobile yet, been pretty happy with the official client.

  4. I agree! I used Seesmic for a while, but TweetDeck is so much better in my opinion! If you manage multiple accounts and need to update them on the go TweetDeck mobile is awesome, when it isn’t acting up. I’m happy with the official client though. Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

  5. My experience is almost exactly the same as you describe in the post. I’ve only been using TweetDeck for a couple months but I find it to be incredibly useful. I need to keep up with about 4 accounts for various blogs and it’s a great way to do so.

    I also have it for mobile but personally, I usually just like to schedule posts on my laptop for the day instead of tweeting “on the go” too much.

    Also, I haven’t ever actually tried HootSuite but have heard very good things. I also do end up using the plain old web version from time to time just to keep up with the “official” interface.

  6. Thanks Andrew! I agree, TweetDeck is definitely a great way to keep up with multiple accounts. I have a few accounts that I tweet for, and TweetDeck has been the most beneficial for me. I never schedule tweets, mainly because I am around my computer all day, or if I am out I may not tweet for a few hours. I always feel good to disconnect for a little while each day. I tried HootSuite for a little while and while it is a good service, TweetDeck is still my personal favorite. You should give it a try sometime though! 🙂

  7. Tweetdeck when I’m at work, Web when I’m at home, Official Twitter iPhone App when on the move, Osfoora prior to that on my iPhone.

    The reason for no Tweetdeck at home is because I’m not ‘plugged’ in as I need to be. I just check Twitter because I want to, not because I have to.

  8. I forget if it is both or just one (TweetDeck / Hootsuite), but I think that at least one will not allow you to log off your account on the mobile app so you can log back into another account without first deleting and reinstalling the app!!

  9. Thanks Marco! I think it is okay to not be as plugged in when you are at home. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t as addicted to Twitter, so I could stay off of my computer. Usually while I am tweeting I am reading the news and blogs though.

  10. Well, I tweet a lot, and I continue to look to keep doing it. I doubt that I will reach my goal of my 111,111th tweet on 11/11/11 (since I only achieved my 11,111th tweet on 1/11/11). As for the apps, let’s hope that we continue to keep seeing more and more helpful improvements in the near future! I am curious which one (TweetDeck or HootSuite) will be the one on top of the mountain when all is said and done? Looking back, it appeared that TweetDeck was by far the best, but HootSuite won a few awards last year. Speaking of which, I don’t think you can sync your Foursquare account on TweetDeck like you can on HootSuite, right?

  11. You never know! Hopefully you will reach your goal, because 111,111 tweets on 11/11/11 would be amazing! Looks like I have some catching up on tweets to do as well… haha. You’re right. Guess we will keep seeing improvements from TweetDeck and Hootsuite. You can link Foursquare up to TweetDeck. I didn’t know you could do that with Hootsuite!

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