The Verdict is Out

Yes, you heard correctly. The verdict is out. On what you ask? Formulists. What about Formulists? My decision on whether or not I actually want to try this service or not. After creating a poll a little over a week ago, here are the results:

  • Yes: 0%
  • No: 16.67%
  • Not really: 0%
  • You should definitely try it!: 83.33%
  • Other: 0%

The few comments I received on the post were against Formulists, and after this poll and doing more research on Formulists this past week, I must say I will not be testing out this service. For me, lists help me keep track of people that I tweet with, such as PR professionals, PR firms, people I meet at conferences, etc. I like to personalize these lists and with Formulists it does not seem like you can do that. Now correct me if I am wrong, but this service reminds me a lot of “bot” tweets.

I check to see what lists I have been added to almost every single day and because of Formulists I will be added and removed from lists within the same day. This really bothers me, because it does not seem very personalized.

What do you think? Are Formulists less personalized?

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