Formulists: To Try it or Not

Recently I have noticed many of the lists I am added to on Twitter are created by a new service called Formulists. Personally, I have not tried out this new service because I am not sure how I honestly feel about having an outside source create a list for me. When I create a list on Twitter I add people for a particular reason, and I know exactly who I have added to those lists. With Formulists I have a feeling it is a lot different. Especially since they are referred to as “self-updating” lists.

With a self-updating list you would constantly have to see who has been added and removed from a list, compared to a list you created on your own. I have been up in the air lately if I actually want to test this service out or not, so I have created a poll and would love feedback from you guys!

Thanks for taking my poll! I will write another post to let you guys know what I have decided to go with.


7 thoughts on “Formulists: To Try it or Not

  1. Laroquod says:

    No. Formulists are crap. I found a dude the other with a thousand lists, mostly formulists. It was impossible to find anything actually meaningful in his lists. Socialising with bots is strictly for the braindead and the clueless.

  2. Ashley F. says:

    Thanks for your feedback! That is a huge reason why I do not want to use Formulists. I feel like a lot of people are using it to up their list adds, but I do not see the point in it. Like you said, it is like a bot. I guess it all boils down to your own personal opinion about Formulists.

  3. Dwayne Kilbourne says:

    I just added one list via this service, but I only have one more list available for me to create – darn Twitter still hasn’t gotten a clue and raised the 20 list limit! Boooo! Talk about a downer… I really prefer to be more organized!

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