PRSSA National Conference 2010 Schedule

Here it is… finally! I have had my sessions picked out for a while, but could not find time to add it to my blog. So… here it is! 🙂

Friday, October 15
♥Special Session- Why Social Media Is Not a Career — but Strategy Is (Definitely will not be missing this one!)
♥Chapter Development Session 1- Going Global: From Campus Clients to International Success and Six Degrees of SePRation: Linking you to your Future
♥Chapter Development Session 2- Bonding With the Pros: Building a Relationship With PRSA and Creating Your Campaign: Building a Personal Brand

Saturday, October 16
♥Professional Development Session 1- Creating a Career in Entertainment and Sports
♥Professional Development Session 2- The CW Session
♥Office Roundtable Discussions- Publications & Student-run Firms

Sunday, October 17
♥Special Session- Student-run Firm Workshop
♥Pre-registered Session- Third Annual Grunig Lecture — Public Relations Excellence 2010 (So sad I could not register for speed networking!)
♥Professional Development Session 3- Using Social Media to Promote Clients
♥Professional Development Session 4- Everything Internships or To Be Bold and Beautiful. Leaning more towards the fashion PR session, but it would be amazing to meet Lauren Berger!!!

Monday, October 18
♥Professional Development Session 5- Targeting Your Audience

I am beyond excited to get to DC and attend these sessions! There is so much to learn from the professionals that will be there and I plan to NETWORK like crazy! As far as being in DC goes I definitely plan to tour the city and finally meet/hang out with all of my Twitter friends. This is going to be one amazing conference.

Are we attending any sessions together? Let me know!

You can check out the full schedule here.

10 thoughts on “PRSSA National Conference 2010 Schedule

  1. I completely overlooked the first special session. HELLO, of course I’ll be there for that one! I’m also thinking about going to the Friday session 1 now that I actually read it what says and wasn’t blinded by the other session mentioning “TweetDeck”
    I’m still stuck on Saturday’s but I’m leaning towards the CW, we’ll see. You should blog about the ones I have to miss! So add 2 more sessions to the ones you’ve already counted. Are you going to the awards ceremony by the way?

  2. Yay! Looks like we’ll be in some of the same sessions! Our chapter’s coming in late Friday at around 7 p.m. ET so we’ll probably arrive just as the Opening Night Social begins 😦

  3. The special session is going to be great!! I’m excited that we’re going to some of the same sessions! As far as the awards ceremony goes I’m still not sure… I want to go. Are you going?

  4. I’m not sure either but I think I want to go! What does someone wear to something like that?! (did you see the part that said “you might shake Obama’s hand”?) Whaaaaat?!

  5. The reason why is because our chapter’s PRSSA advisor booked the flights of all 20 students going (including 2 from a neighboring Christian university) so that we can all go together as opposed to traveling separately. We’re leaving out of LAX at 5 a.m. PT but we have to get off at Atlanta in the mid afternoon and transfer to another flight taking us to D.C. We’ll be transferring to 2 Washington Metro lines from Reagan Airport, which we estimate will get us to the hotel at around 7 p.m. ET. We tried to find an earlier flight but we couldn’t 😦

  6. Oh my gosh! I really wish you guys were getting in on Thursday night! At least you will be there for the rest of the conference! That seems crazy that there was not an earlier flight!

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