Traditional Media Goes Social

[tweetmeme source=”amfunderburk1” media has become a huge part of today’s society. People have resorted to reading newspapers via their laptops rather than with a traditional newspaper at a kitchen table with a cup of coffee in their hand. Some individuals even check their Facebook or Twitter accounts before they go to sleep at night and as soon as they wake up the next morning. So why has everyone gone social media crazy? Technology is always growing and people like to be “in the know” of what’s new. As long as the chance to expand is available, there will always be something new.

While social media offers many different opportunities that traditional media may not, I feel like both are just as important as the other. Social media is expanding rapidly and it is opening many doors for individuals. I am not going to talk about just social media in this blog because I do want to write a separate blog just on that subject. For now my main focus is on traditional and online newspapers. (Sorry if there are some random parts to this post!).

With the huge growth of social media, my question to you is how are newspapers still around? While I am just as guilty as many other people when it comes to reading the newspaper online, I do like to have an actual copy of a newspaper every now and then. I know there are many people who still look at newspapers in person, but the number of online viewers is definitely growing. There is a very obvious battle going on between traditional and social media. The question is when will the battle end and both sides become even?

Something else I want to mention is the advancement of cell phones. The other day I went into the Verizon store to check out the Droid Incredible to see if I actually want to purchase it. As Brain, the employee that was helping me, was showing me all of the awesome features of this new smartphone I thought to myself, “Why do I even need a laptop if I buy this phone? It can do EVERYTHING.” I have never had a smartphone, but I can see why people purchase them (and become addicted), especially if they are in the public relations field. You can do everything from this small device that was originally made just to talk on. Smartphones also allow you to read news articles on the go. It’s crazy at what you can do with this small device!

Personally, I think it is great that we are capable to read newspapers online and via cell phones. However, I am torn between having an actual paper and reading it online. I am the type of person that will never settle for reading a book on the Kindle or iPad because I like the way a book feels while you read it (kind of weird, I know). There are advantages to having both because the target audiences are different, and some individuals may not have internet access. I think that traditional newspapers will always be around and there will eventually be a compromise between online versus traditional. One HUGE advantage of online news articles is the ability to find many different entries about one subject. I am very interested to see where things will go next with technology. Maybe they will come out with a virtual newspaper!

I am going to post a blog about social media in the near future, but for now I wanted to start with this small tidbit about newspapers. Do you think it is better to read the paper when it is in front of you? What do you think will become of newspapers in the future? How do you feel about the ability to read news articles on the go?

13 thoughts on “Traditional Media Goes Social

  1. Excellent post! (Not surprising).

    After taking everything in, I actually agree with essentially everything you said. One of the very few redeeming qualities about a physical copy of a newspaper is the historical significance and merit it has in our society.

    Growing up, I personally interacted with newspapers similar to other individuals around my age. The scary truth is that this next generation is going to use technology — such as the Kindle or iPad — more than the fundamental tools most people in today’s world grew up with.

    For reinforcement: Great work! =)

  2. Thank you! I’m glad you brought up “he historical significance and merit it has in our society” because I completely forgot to mention that. Newspapers are definitely part of our history and I feel like they are very important to keep around! I read newspapers growing up, but I obviously read them on a daily basis now. I don’t know if you have heard about it, but there is a new online community that is called Togetherville. Get this.. they created it for 6-10 year olds! (Check out the story here:

    Thanks for the comment! You made some great points.

  3. Loved the post. I’ve been thinking about the same thing lately. Personally, I kept my love for holding a real paper/magazine/book in my hands. However, I do see the advantages of online news. They are always up to date, easy to access and most importantly free. I like the way the NYTimes is handling it. How they are going to make $ remains a mystery. It’s time to become creative.

    I have read posts about Togetherville and think it’s an excellent idea. I just hope it’s a safe place for kids and teens to go. That’s my main concern when it comes to Social Networks for kids and teens.

    Great post 🙂

  4. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

    You’re right, NYTimes is doing a great job with handling this. I would also like to know how they will make money though. Creativity is definitely key in this situation!

    Togetherville is a great idea, but it makes me nervous because it is made for children that are that young! I think it will be a lot better safety wise compared to Facebook and other sites because the parents will be monitoring and guiding their kids. I’m interested to see what will happen with it.

  5. I have became adapt to checking the headlines of the newspapers for the interests I have. I have been doing this for years and I was never a big newspaper reader though I appreciate the content it has.

  6. I love holding an actually newspaper, but it is easier to read online. I agree whole heartily with the observations…and just to add my writing and editing class took a “field trip” (if you could call it that in college) to the local Raleigh paper. The people who worked there said the current trends pushing for online newspapers have drastically cut jobs; however, I suppose it’s more efficient to put online in some ways. 😦
    Love the posts! This is great inspiration — since I hope to start my own blog.

  7. Agreed, it is much easier to read them online because it’s easier access. It’s terrible that technology is forcing people out of their jobs! The economy is already bad enough.. I mean, I do love that technology has no limits (in my opinion) but at the same time there are still people that like things the way they used to be. I like a mixture of both, a little old a little new.

    Thanks! I’m glad my posts are inspiring. I look forward to reading your blog soon! If you need any advice feel free to ask! I always love to help 🙂

  8. I argued in my recent blog post that social media is nothing new in the sense that it is a new medium but a part of the larger, social revolution set since the beginning of time. 😛

  9. Great post – I interviewed for a newspaper web position one time. They seemed very on edge about losing money on print newspapers and were looking for people to expand/further their web presence. They were thinking about having a free newspaper web site, with an expanded ‘pay for’ site that has more pictures, and more details etc… Not sure if that is what lots of newspapers already do or not.

  10. I think it’s great that they were willing to expand by taking there paper online. I wonder how successful they have been with the “pay for more” feature.

    Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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