Etiquette Reception.

[tweetmeme source=”amfunderburk1” night I attended an Etiquette Reception held by Western Carolina University. The purpose of this reception was to prepare students for what to expect when they attend a reception in the real world. They discussed pre-reception, during the reception, and after the reception.

During the pre-reception portion of the workshop, we were told what to expect before the reception starts. I received great information about networking and meeting other individuals at the beginning of the reception. Then we were told what to expect during the reception. I learned the proper way to hold a plate of food while networking. Considering people usually shake hands with their right hand, you hold your plate in your right hand while eating with your left. If someone comes up to shake your hand you would then transfer the food from your right hand to your left. This helps prevent germs from spreading. Something very valuable to know when dealing with food is never pig out! The purpose of the reception is to network, not to eat dinner. They then went on to explain holding a drink in your left hand the whole time. After we tried this out they explained what to do at the end of the reception. Something very important to remember is thanking everyone you meet! Do not just walk away from people when you think the conversation is over.

At the end of the workshop, all of the professionals that attended gave us some very valuable advice. This event really helped me understand how to act at a reception and how to greet a professional with food or drink in hand. I look forward to attending the next one. I am sure there will be different professionals to get business cards from and network with.

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