PR Real World Conference: Part Two.

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Session 2: Seal the Deal: What You Need to Know to Land the Job

There were two great speakers at this session discussing the interview process and what to do when you land the job.

Sharon Jones of Ketchum: Interview.

  • Research the company before you apply to a job. You do not want to go to an interview not knowing anything about the company you would like to work for.
  • Find out what the company is doing to show off at the interview.
  • Ask what the companies values are.
  • NETWORK! Traditionally and with social media (join websites such as LinkedIn).
  • Follow-up after the interview. Ask something like, “May I connect with you at a given time?” after the interview. Ask when a decision will be made to help you plan follow-up.
  • Your resume should be PERFECT. No typo’s or wrong spellings. Use key word phrases to draw the employers eyes to your resume. Keep resume one page and updated; make relevant for where and what you are applying for. Do not assume the employer knows what a previous company you have worked for is; include brief description in resume.
  • The cover letter is very important. If the resume engages the speaker then they will look at your cover letter.
  • Before interview: do not arrive to the office until fifteen minutes before interview. Pump yourself up! Practice your elevator speech. You never know when you will have to use it.You are interviewing with everyone when you walk through the door.
  • When someone wants to shake your hand, stand up.
  • Evaluate how well you listen, prior to the interview.
  • Maintain comfortable eye contact.
  • Mirror formality of interview. Just because the person you are interviewing with is very comfortable does not mean you should be.
  • Go with thoughtful, prepared questions. This shows that you have researched the company and are interested.
  • Send a personal thank you note after interview. If you interviewed with several different individuals, send a thank you to everyone.
  • If the company gives you an offer, respond in two days.

Tia Jackson of Porter Novelli: When you land the job.

  • Just meeting expectations is not good enough. Go the extra mile, it really can make a difference.
  • Get to know the business. Know exactly what to do.
  • Network! This is key to having a successful career.
  • Ask expectations for career. Meet with your manager and team if you are on one.
  • Be actively engaged and take advantages of opportunities.
  • Research! Make sure you know what you are walking into.
  • Find out what you can expect in the first 24 months of your career.
  • Meet deadlines! If you have more than one to meet on the same day talk with your manager to help make a plan to meet these deadlines.
  • “This is your career. You have to take charge of your career.”
  • Set goals for yourself.

Other tips from Sharon Jones and Tia Jackson:

  • If you have already accepted a job, but you get a better job offer know that the first company will most likely turn their nose on you.
  • If you do a phone interview put a mirror in front of yourself so you smile!
  • When you are in your interview physical appearance is first impression. Keep it moderate!
  • If there is a salary question on the application do research to find out what is appropriate to put.

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