PR Real World Conference: Part Three.

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During the luncheon Sean Cassidy, from DKC Public Relations & Marketing, spoke to us about how entertainment PR. He talked about how celebrities used to be untouchable and disconnected, but now those barriers are down. Consumers are influenced by what celebrities do or consume when they are on or off screen. Now they can be classified as multi-platform brands. Sean Cassidy also mentioned emotional connection- you feel better because you interacted with a brand. An example he used was how airlines are re-establishing a brand connection using entertainment (ex. James Bond). Social media/networking is also very prominent in the entertainment community. Some celebrities have more followers on Twitter than how many people read a newspaper a day! Mr. Cassidy had great information to offer about entertainment PR.

Session Three: Networking and Career Fair.

Session three offered great opportunities to network with other students and professionals. I met many great people who I am definitely planning to stay in touch with! Among these people were Stephen Brown from MS&L Worldwide, Tomeka Cherry from Edelman, Leslie Young a student/intern in Georgia, Brad Willard from PR Newswire, Katherine Mason from Porter Novelli, Tayshia Jackson a student in Georgia, and many others. I was also able to have my resume critiqued during this time. A few pointers he gave me was to include a short description about the companies I have worked for. Personalize my objective for the job I am applying for and under experience put PR and Marketing related topics first and to also lead with the biggest thing you have done under each topic.

Lauren, Me, Leslie

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