Campaigns, Campaigns Everywhere.

[tweetmeme source=”amfunderburk1” was the very first time my groups met for the Fundred and Good Samaritan Clinic campaigns. We basically discussed what our objectives would be, and started to form a plan for how to meet these objectives. As a team we will each be playing very important roles. We definitely achieved quite a bit during these meetings.

For the Fundred campaign I will be working on a letter that will be sent to the different organizations on campus. The purpose of this letter is to inform the organizations about Fundred and the competition we will be holding on campus. There will also be a flier attached to the letter that one of my teammates will be creating. Another thing I will be doing in the next week is writing a description on how to create a Fundred bill. This, along with other team members research will be going onto our Facebook page to inform people about our campaign. For the Good Samaritan Clinic, we basically just discussed the different jobs we would all have the opportunity to work on. Some of these include updating their Facebook page, writing press releases, helping sort out the mailing list, and several other things.

I know I am very excited to be working on these two great campaigns. This will keep me busy all semester, but I am definitely ready for whatever is thrown my way.

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