A Simple Hello.

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This is my very first blog, so why not explain what struck my interest in creating one. I currently attend Western Carolina University where I major in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. I am involved with Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and this semester I am PR Jobs and Internships Director. I am also involved with Catamount Communications (Cat Comm), which is the student-run public relations firm on campus. This semester I am working on teams with two of our clients: Fundred and Good Samaritan Clinic.

Seeing that I am majoring in what is becoming a very competitive field, I have decided to become hands-on with all social media that I can. With Facebook and Twitter down, blogging is my next endeavor. The purpose of my blog is simple: share with you guys what I learn as I learn it. Along with that I will be posting experience I gain as I work on my very first campaigns. This is my first semester working on a campaign, and I am lucky to have two clients to work with! This is a great opportunity to obtain hands-on experience of writing press releases, helping maintain a newsletter, event planning, working with an organizations social media, and many other things. I will also be posting updates about my research of jobs available in public relations.


5 thoughts on “A Simple Hello.

  1. Melody says:

    Hi there! I’m curious about the kinds of blog posts you’ll have here. I see you’re well on your way, and I like the most recent one about reception etiquette. Now there is a topic I would have never thought of. Obviously I am very interested in PR & marketing, at least from the perspective of how it relates to brand evangelists, word of mouth buzz, influencers, and social media. Look forward to more posts from you. Melody

  2. Ashley says:

    Thanks for your comment! I just added a new blog. I am looking forward to reading your blog as well and maybe you can guest post for me in the future! I am working on keeping it updated, because I have been failing at that lately. The reception was great! I am very glad I was able to attend because I learned so much!

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